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We connect doctors to everything they need to keep their life running smoothly: malpractice insurance, mortgage lending, financial advisors, travel planning, and more. All our services were handpicked because they work with doctors and understand your unique needs.

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As a doctor who works long hours, you shouldn’t have to come home and spend time searching for the services you need. On top of saving you time, we’ve negotiated exclusive discounts for our members.

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Our standard membership is free forever. It includes access to $20,000 of savings on the services you need in your life right now. You're busy and we've done the legwork for you to find services for malpractice insurance, mortgage lenders and more at an exclusive discount.


Personal Assistant Services

Our Personal Assistant service will dedicate up to 10 hours each month completing your tasks. Whether it’s making dinner reservations, finding a dog walker in your city, or scheduling a dentist appointment, we take care of it.


Personal Assistant Pro

No request is too big or too complicated for Personal Assistant Pro.

Personal Assistant Pro handles every task. We will dedicate an unlimited amount of hours each month to completing all your tasks. Whether it’s travel planning, booking a hair appointment, or planning your office Christmas party, we will handle it for you.


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I don’t get enough free time away from work to look for a couple of specific services I need right now. The real benefit of Physician Focused is it has dozens of services spread out over several categories.

Dr. Chakri Pureti, Sioux City, IA

I’ve switched between several financial managers and I wish I could find someone who understood my situation as a physician. The last thing I want is to be taken advantage of financially. I’m looking for vetted providers that understand my specific situation.

Dr. Elizabeth Chiang, Chesapeake, VA

I need one place I can go to and find all the services I need to run my busy life, a site that offers a variety of services that help with all aspects of my life.

Dr. Nishant Bhensdadia, Sarasota, FL

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