Customer Service Manager

Member Services | Omaha, Ne

Physician Focused is a growing startup based in Omaha, Nebraska. We help physicians do what they love by providing virtual personal assistant services for everything else. We’re looking for a team member to:

  • Handle customer service requests
  • Build efficient processes
  • Grow the customer service team.

As the Customer Service Manager you will handle online requests from our member base and play a vital role in developing processes to manage task requests and member information while seeking to understand our members. We’re looking for someone interested in a leadership that wants to deeply understand the core customer service position then build a team around it as we scale.

Here’s what we’re looking for

You’re a great fit for this position if you…

  • Have been working in online customer service for several years
  • Are energetic, goal driven, and have excellent communication skills
  • Extremely organized and can manage a large to-do list
  • Love to foster long-term relationships with members and create raving fans
  • Adept at using technology, particularly around customer service
  • Showing empathy to customers in creatively solving their requested tasks and needs

Our idea of a perfect candidate is someone who…

  • Wants to build out tools in zendesk, excel, asana, or other technologies that will streamline our service
  • Polite in tough situations, calm during the storm, and always here to help
  • Lives and breaths customer service and fights for the best customer experience
  • Can handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Wants to own not only the role but the entire customer service department development

This role will be responsible for…

  • Completing requested tasks from our members
  • Owning the tools and technology needed to manage customer requests
  • Monitor company communication systems to ensure fast responses to clients
  • Evaluating and building tools to make the process more efficient and build for scale

This role has a huge potential to leave a mark on the early stages of growth for our company. If you relish the idea of joining a team to help handle, improve, and optimize the way we handle customer service requests, we’d love to hear from you!

What else?

We work hard at Physician Focused, and as a young startup have no problem crossing over into other teams and jumping into ambiguous situations. In addition, the rest of the team often helps out with requested personal assistant tasks to gain a deeper understanding of our service, the products needed to support it, the marketing to get it out there in the world, and to build empathy with our customers.

To apply, send an email here: Put “Customer Service Manager” in the subject line, include your resume and a short video on why you think you’d be great for the position.

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